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Domäne Wachau The Terraces Grüner ­Veltliner 2008

So this, to the best of my knowledge, is the first Gruner Veltliner I’ve ever drunk. I’ve tended to avoid Austrian wines, because they’re never very cheap and they’re often very floral, but I was wrong wrong wrong. Because this really is delicious, in a very light but utterly delightful way. It’s got a little whiff of petrol to it. It’s got a citrus zing, quite full bodied, just 12% alcohol. Very easy to drink, but not just an easy drinker. As Victoria Moore said of this wine in The Guardian, “it has everything you hope for from a grüner veltliner – clean citrus, tremendous nerve, poise, confidence and enough ­acidity to make it appear bone-dry although it isn’t quite.” “Spicy, peppery and crisp,” said Tim Atkin. “Floral, lemon-zest and white- pepper-spiked,” said Jane MacQuitty.

Quite a lot of people seem to like it, and I’m one of them. A couple of pounds off at Waitrose at the minute, £5.99 and an absolute steal, I’d say.