The week in wine

This blog started as a place for me to keep notes of what I was drinking, and what I thought of it. It’s largely lost that purpose since, and is none the worse for it in my opinion. But it’s still my blog, and I think there’s a place for some brief record of my humdrum at-home drinking. So here, then, are my wines of the week:

* Domaine des Escaravailles La Ponce Cotes du Rhone blanc 2009 – this week’s sunshine demanded fridge-fresh white wine, but nights are still a little chillsome. So summer’s ultra-dry quenchers must wait; for now I want a white with a little weight. This delivered that, lashings of creaminess and a slight green apple spritz, getting the texture so right that a slight lack of genuine flavour was easily forgiven. From Theatre of Wine, the extremely exciting new(ish) wine shop near Tufnell Park.

* Tahbilk Marsanne 2007: The Escaravailles was such a success that the following night we went for a relative, in the shape of Tahbilk’s ever-reliable Marsanne (one of the grapes used in La Ponce), a fair bit lighter and crisper than the CdR. One to look out for when Waitrose are next knocking 25% off.

* Maury Solera 1928, Case number 849: A rare sticky, dewaxed and uncorked on Saturday night. Remarkable stuff, this. Nutty and complex, a wine to savour and, if you’re so inclined, to ponder. Delicious. £15 for 50ml (from The Wine Society), so not exactly cheap, but there’ll definitely be another bottle in my next case.

My only other vinous activity was an outing to said Wine Society on Tuesday, of which more shortly.


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