Chilling out

Cono Sur Pinot Noir 2008Apparently we Brits associate summer with pinks. And I guess I’m no different, except the only thing around here that turns pink when the sun comes out is me.

There are some areas of wine which are so large and so unknown, so foreign, that I’m a bit scared of them. Rose is one of those. What I need, I think, is a revelatory moment: to taste one that’s so mind-blowing that I simply have to find out more. So far I’ve only had ones that are unpleasant, or ones that are quite nice. And I want more than quite nice.

So when the sun came out this week, as it did in considerable style (hence my pinkness), I stuck a red in the fridge.

And it was perfect. It’s not a very original recommendation – you can get it anywhere, from about £7 to, if you’re lucky and keep your eyes peeled, just a fraction over £4 (which is what Tesco have been selling it at online for the last couple of weeks, though that’s not where I got it), but it’s a crystal-clear, sparkling ruby jewel of a summer sipper. Plums and cherries, tannins more obvious than they would be at room temperature but still quite gentle. At £4 it’s an incredible bargain. At £6.50 it’s still pretty good value. Yum, basically.


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