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Pleasure, and pain

Wine has brought me a lot of pleasure, it has helped me to make friends, allowed me to meet fascinating people in wonderful places. But it has also given me gout. Not long ago, the only person I knew who had suffered from gout was Falstaff, the rotund rogue who pops up in a few Shakespeare plays, and now here I am, limping about like some mead-addled Elizabethan. Lifestyle changes are apparently required. Could this be the end of my wine adventure? Well, several other lifestyle changes will obviously need to be tried first, but dull as a life without wine would certainly be, if that’s the only way of guaranteeing a life without this ruddy pain then it’s a deal worth making.

However, I’ve had a good look at the full list of dietary factors that could contribute to an attack of gout, and for the moment I’m blaming the lentils.