Mother’s Day Moscato


There are books and websites entirely devoted to food and wine matching. People spend a lot of time on it. Not me. I think that, confused by the amount that people they consider more knowledgeable than themselves bang on about it, many wine drinkers find the subject enormously offputting, and that some of them are put off wine, or at least the full appreciation of it, as a result. A few very basic rules are all you need, and everything else will look after itself. Rule No1, and most important by a margin: Drink the wine you like, with the food you like.

But that’s not to say that perfection doesn’t exist – just that there are many practical issues that make it unlikely that you’ll get there very often. For a start, you don’t know precisely how a dish will taste until you’ve cooked it, or how a wine will taste until you’ve opened it. And by then, if the match isn’t quite right, you’ve still got an open bottle of wine and a plate of food. You’re not really going to throw either of them out, are you? But if it’s the wine you want to drink, you’ll probably have a good time anyway – even if it goes so very badly with the food that you leave it until after your meal to actually drink it. If you only opened it because of something you read on, you’ll only have to go back to the wine rack for something you want to drink.

All of which is a long-winded way of leading up to this revelation: last Sunday, Mother’s Day, I cooked my mum blueberry pancakes and served them for brunch with Innocent Bystander’s delicious, delicate, berry-blessed and just 5.5% pink moscato, and it made me very popular indeed. I’m not always convinced by the pairing of very sweet food with very sweet wine, but this put not-overly-sweet food together with not-entirely-cloying wine, and it was very jolly indeed. The wine is widely available, for around £6-£6.50, so if you’re cooking anything berryish, try it. If you fancy. Or don’t. Obviously.

I’ll have more about food and wine matching, incidentally, very soon (when I finally get round to pressing the publish button on the world’s all-time most overdue blogpost).


One response to “Mother’s Day Moscato

  1. Great piece, very informative – thanks for sharing! Wine is definitely enjoyed more when accompanied with a nice meal and any tips I could get in terms of which wines work best with different foods would interest me a great deal!

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