Chateau La Dournie Saint-Chinian 2007

Now, since we last met I’ve discovered cellartracker. This has left my poor blog with a bit of an identity crisis, there now being somewhere better to keep my tasting notes, such as they are. What is it now for? Stuff about wine that isn’t tasting notes, then. Interesting. I’m going to have to do some thinking about this one, at the end of which this blog will, I’d have thought, be either much better for a casual reader, or dead.

In the meantime, tonight I’m drinking a really delicious bargain French red, something though would make whoever puts the Society’s Full French Red together feel a little embarrassed, I’d have thought. Of course most of the country wouldn’t class a £6.99 wine as a bargain, but damn if it isn’t worth it and more. It’s a wine with intelligence, I’d say. Spicy, peppery, mouthwatering, smooth but by no means dull. Bought after a couple of recommendations on the winepages message boards, the first such wine and certainly not the last, I’d wager.


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