Finca Flichman, Gestos 2008


So this cost £6.99 from Majestic. Its gimmick is that it blends Malbec from a relatively low altitude (which, say Majestic, gives ripe plum and prune characteristics), and Malbec from just up the hill, which is more intensely coloured and flavoured. It’s pretty hard to tell the truth of it all, without bottles of just-low-level and just-high-level wine to ponder individually, but the bare fact is that this is a supremely drinkable wine with genuine character – a real wine – for are bargainly penny under seven quid. It could just be my favourite low-end malbec. A definite buy-again. And the nice people at the IWC agreed with me, giving it a big, brass, shiny medal.


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