Express wine delivery

Express wine deliverySo here’s a new thing. Wine of Course, one of our local wine merchants (they’re more than your basic off license, as anyone who’s seen their stock of cognacs would tell you) has plopped a flyer through our postbox advertising free and fast(ish) delivery of any amount of wine, even if it’s just one bottle (subject to a £15 minimum order). It’s a nice idea, but (there’s always a but):
• They say “deliveries will take place between 6.30pm and 9pm on the day of ordering”. What you want them to say is “deliveries will take place within 30 minutes of the order being placed”. Otherwise there’s not much point. If you decide you want to drink wine tonight, but you don’t have any and you don’t want to go out, there’s a big difference between a 6.30pm arrival (pre-dinner) and a 9pm arrival (too late for dinner).
• Their flyer lists four whites, four reds and three bubblies. But it tells you almost nothing about them: “pinot grigio (Italy), £8.95”, or “Bordeaux (France), £13.95”. You’ve got to look online if you want any more detail than that. A £5-£6 entry-level bottle would be worth adding, I think. The cheapest red is a tenner.
• Most importantly, not many people spend £9+ on a bottle of wine to drink at home, and I’d guess that most of them keep a decently-stocked wine rack and therefore don’t need express wine deliveries.

But it has reminded me that I need to actually buy some wine there, something I’ve never done as I’ve only walked past about twice, and never without an infant (it’s on Archway Road, otherwise known as the A1 – a snarled-up monster designed for drivers that lacks anything (other than a good wine merchant) to tempt me to take a stroll.


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  1. Simon, thank you for your thoughts on the service. We are planning after the new year to offer a much wider selection of wines and more reasonable delivery hours.


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