The man who has everything

So, Christmas time. Or Channukah. Whatever. So I need to get a present for my Dad. He’s a wine-lover, a lot more knowledgeable then me, but I’m not a total idiot and it’s impossible to find anything to buy him so he ended up with a couple of bottles of Chilean wine. Not bad ones, either: Matetic EQ Syrah and Maycas del Limari Sauvignon Blanc, both from Oddbins. I’m quietly confident that when he opens them, he’ll enjoy them. The thing is, when we head to the dinner table he opens a Remoissenet Pere et Fils 1995 Beaune Marconnets. Now, apparently they’re better known for their white wines than their reds but it was a damn fine thing, the kind of bottle you buy at auction, not at Oddbins. The reserve bottle, in case we drank our way through that one and still wanted more (didn’t happen, sadly) was even more ridiculous. I’d like to think my father will still enjoy his wines when he drinks them, but is there any point buying wine at all for someone who’s got a cellar stocked with stuff like that? I guess the answer’s probably not, but I’ll keep doing it because I enjoy shopping for them and can’t think of anything better to get him. Though if anyone out there has any better ideas of gifts for wine lovers that aren’t actually wines, I’d love to hear them.


One response to “The man who has everything

  1. There’s nothing more exciting than trying a new wine. Keep getting him the new bottles and you’ll do just fine.

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